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Unnamed Road Wales SY23 5NJ GB

At Rhydgaled, we produce home grown lamb & hogget. We run a small flock and grow our lamb slowly so its beautifully tender and tasty. Produced as half lamb packs or specific cuts/joints upon request.


We also produce outdoor reared, free range Saddleback pork, bacon and amazing sausages.  Available throughout the year,


From the farmhouse, we offer traditional – and modern cakes, bakes and savoury delights – available to order. Cakes for a weekend treat or a special occasion and savoury mini loaves perfect for a picnic. Dairy and gluten free catered for.


On selected weekends throughout the summer months, why not pay us a visit for a farmhouse tea?

Trading Name
Lindsey Stribling
No Accreditation
Direct to Public/Consumer (e.g. farmers markets)