We are a small artisan Jerky producer, based in the heart of Mid Wales! We have a wide range of flavoured Beef Jerky products, made from hand selected cuts of British Silverside that are carefully trimmed & lovingly marinated for 24 hours in our own bespoke marinade recipes. Each piece is then dried in our state of the art ovens for up to 12 hours, individually cut by hand & packaged, making sure every slice is perfect!
From the smoky taste of BBQ to the flaming wrath of our Raging Bull, there’s a flavour to suit everybody’s taste buds, including… BBQ, Original, Black Pepper, Spicy Chilli, Hot Smoked Chipotle, Raging Bull Chilli & Teriyaki!

Our jerky is also a great alternative snack to crisps, nuts or sweets – it does not contain any artificial flavours, preservatives, MSG, nitrates or nitrites, and is packed full of protein.
Ty Cambrian, Unit 10, Offas Dyke Business Park, Fisher Road, Buttington,
Trading Name
Trail Head Fine Foods Ltd
Emma Morris
750 889 2007
Protected Geographical Identification (PGI)
Direct to Public/Consumer (e.g. farmers markets), Online, Other Retail (e.g. independents)