Cheese making

Food Centre Wales share cheese expertise with Food Innovation Wales partners

Cheese manufacturing experts from Food Centre Wales have shared their expertise with Food Innovation Wales partners from ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre.

Members of the ZERO2FIVE technical team were given a masterclass in cheese production from Food Centre Wales technologist Mark Jones, an award-winning cheesemaker who has worked for a number of Wales’s most high profile cheese companies.

Mark spent the day with ZERO2FIVE’s technologists, explaining the processes and science behind making cheese from scratch. From pasteurising the milk to adding starter cultures and rennet, cutting the curds, draining the whey, and pressing the cheese into moulds, the learners were hands on from start to finish in Food Centre Wales’s state of the art dairy facilities.

cheese 3

The team made Caerphilly and Brie-style cheeses, learning how the unique processes and cultures result in different finished products. For example, Brie-style cheeses incorporate the mould Penicillium Candidum which results in the characteristic white exterior of the cheese and leads to a soft buttery texture. In contrast, when making Caerphilly, the curds are scalded and milled leading to the cheese’s characteristic firm and crumbly texture.

cheese making 2

If you’re a start-up company looking to learn how to manufacture cheese, Food Centre Wales can share their knowledge with eligible companies through Project HELIX. Food Centre Wales have expertise in developing a variety of cheeses, including blue cheeses, cheddars, continental style harder cheeses, halloumi, feta and fresh flavoured curd cheeses. Their facilities are also available to hire for companies looking to gain a foothold in the industry.

To find out more how Food Centre Wales help with cheese manufacturing, please contact the team on 01559 362230 or